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About KPMG Africa

Footprint in Africa

KPMG is well represented across the African continent. Our objectives are to provide consistent, high-quality services to multi-national, regional and local clients and to enhance the product offering in certain previously under-serviced markets. Our extensive network of practices enables KPMG to ensure that our clients have access to a blend of professionals who are well versed with local conditions, giving them access to skilled resources, no matter where they are in Africa.

33 Offices Servicing 54 Countries

Angola services

  • São Tomé and Principe

Cameroon services

  • Central African Republic, Chad

East Africa services

  • Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan

Egypt services

  • Sudan

Nigeria services

  • Liberia, The Gambia

Cote d’Ivoire services

  • Burkina Faso, Guinea, Niger

Mauritius services

  • Comoros, Madagascar, Seychelles

Portugal services

  • Cape Verde

Senegal services

  • Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania

South Africa services

  • Lesotho

Our ‘African Footprint’ enables all African offices to work effectively and efficiently across the continent. Through a compelling vision, outstanding teamwork and sustained relevant investment over several years, KPMG is bringing together our African practices for the benefit of our clients and growth of our people.

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