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KPMG has over the years developed a realistic cyber defence simulation environment which has been used by executive management and cyber security operational team members to experience a simulated incident and learn how to respond to cyber threats, cyber intelligence, and handle indicators of compromise.

This simulation is a game developed in line with our extensive experience with people’s culture and behavior in relation to cyber security. It is designed to stimulate the speed and complexity of real world situations. It also provides an interactive user experience where the players can respond in their own way on certain choices that are presented. The most popular decision determines the sequence of the game and learning path.

The game is further enhanced with stage play where actors provide the audience with quality interpretation of real-life cyber incident scenarios, reactions and impact. During the game, participants will be required to make decisions that mitigate the impact of incidents based on actionable intelligence.

The key actors in this simulation are the Board, Executive Management, IT and Security Team. Legal, Corporate Communication and Third Party suppliers of a typical organisation.

Participants will also experience how effective collaboration within organizations can significantly enhance cyber incident response.

Join us at the Cyber Security Conference to participate in the Game