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Cyber Resilience: A key imperative for E-Government

  • How government is building capacity for cyber resilience;
  • Maturity level of cyber security awareness and education;
  • Public-Private Partnership in combating cyber threat and incident in Africa;

Cyber in the Boardroom: Helping Boards Meet Their Responsibilities

  • Current state of cyber security in Africa
  • The role of board members in addressing cyber security
  • The role of management and operational team in addressing cybersecurity

Addressing the Skill Gap in Cyber Security

  • Reasons for the increasing skill gap in cyber security
  • What can be done to address the skill gap in the cyber security space
  • The role of government in addressing the skill gap

Panel Discussions

Building a secure & resilient digital Africa

  • How prepared are we for a cyber-incident;
  • The strategic role of government in building a secure and resilient digital Africa;
  • Public-Private Partnership in combating cyber threat and incident;

Driving effective response to emerging cyber-threat 

  • What individuals and organisations can do to be secure in this digital age;
  • How we can collaborate to respond to a cyber-incident;
  • How we can increase the level of awareness of cyber threat across Africa;

Demo Sessions


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